Tying More than Knots.

So, you and your partner are looking for a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom without having to engage in kinkier action. This is fine, as not everyone is comfortable with that. and so, you ask a friend who offers getting tied up as a fun way to go about things. You like the idea but have heard many not so pleasant stories about handcuffs. While there are many ways to get around those discomforts a great substitute are ropes.

Ropes are an awesome substitute for handcuffs. This is because they offer flexibility in areas that handcuffs don’t, and while they may not suit certain role play themes its not anything a little imagination cannot fix. Here are a few awesome benefits to introducing ropes into the bedroom.

Material. like your favorite bodysuit lingerie ropes come in varied materials. This is certainly a benefit that can be gotten from handcuffs but not as well as with ropes. There are many materials and sizes available at extremely affordable prices. This way you and your partner can spend more time on pleasure and less worrying about the possibility of scaring. And an added benefit to this is you can match it to your sexy lingerie which will make for an appealing erotic image.

Versatility/Free use. Yes, people, it is indeed a rope. As a result, it is far more flexible for use, as it comes in varying lengths that means you have way more options of where and how you tie yourself or your partner up.

No connotation. Unlike with handcuffs, there are no weird historical or social connotations attached to ropes. That means you don’t have to worry about feeling guilty or weirded out by your choice of restraint.

No locks. This may prove to be a benefit or flaw for some. Since there are no locks you don’t have to worry about your partner getting stuck. Even if you do manage to tie the knot a little too well, due to the material cutting it lose is an option.

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