The secret to being sexy!

Okay, this might be a controversial subject, but it’s something I feel very passionate about, so hear me out.

Confidence is sexy. In fact, confidence is the key to feeling comfortable in your own skin. Without confidence, you will never feel sexy.


Hear me out. You can look sexy. In fact, you can be the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world…but if you don’t feel confident in yourself, you won’t recognize your own beauty. You won’t feel sexy.

Confidence is key to feeling like your best self, and it is something that us women need to lean into and embrace. It is something that we need to be aware of, need to work towards, need to take-up in our lives.

You don’t need more makeup, or to hit a size 0. You’re beautiful just as you are!

Go out and buy those corsets! Go out and buy the sexy lingerie you’ve been eyeing off but didn’t feel like you could ‘pull off’. Go and buy it, because you are absolutely worth it.

You will pull it off. You will look gorgeous in it. Wear it for your partner or wear it just because it makes you feel good. Wear what makes you feel confident and boosts your esteem, because that is the best feeling.

And while you’re getting dressed, recognize that you are sexy as you are. You are a show-stopper. Your body is perfect, and you can absolutely pull this off, and then some.

Wear the daring clothes. Wear the clothes and longer and corsets that worry you. Wear them and embrace the fact that you are gorgeous as you are.

Feel that confidence. Own that confidence. Confidence will make you feel sexy. And who doesn’t want to feel that?

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