Four things you’re doing wrong with your diet.

Tired of buying lingerie that won’t fit? Even though you’ve been on a crunch diet for months and followed all the fads out there? Losing weight is one of those things that are truly relative to people and depends on a lot more than we realize. Things such as hereditary, body condition, or even location could play a role in the pace at which we shed unwanted weight.

However, all that aside there are a few ways we can also help ourselves down that path regardless of the speed such as a good diet, and exercise. What happens when you’re doing all of this but losing little to nothing, or even worse gaining more. The weight loss journey can be frustrating, so here are Four things you may be doing wrong with your diet and weight loss.

Proteins. Proteins are great for digestion and bodybuilding because of the nutrients they release when broken down. They are also great for dieting because of how much energy we get from them. However, not all proteins are made equal-certain proteins are not as healthy as others. Consider switching from dark to white meat and incorporating more beans in your diet.

Exercise, when exercising the general belief is that we are shedding more weight that on a regular basis. Truth is not always, in fact, certain kinds of exercises do little to help us shed weight. Weight and stubborn fat areas are usually targeted with specific exercise. This means while your body is getting healthier and more fit, you may not likely be burning as much fat as you would like.

Sleep. Many people assume that the more active they stay the more fat they burn and, in the process, cut down on their sleep. The body is a well-run machine, that needs rest to produce optimum output. Not only will sleep deprivation negatively affect your health it will also cause you to burn fat and release energy at a much slower rate.

Starvation, and suppression appetites. Appetite suppressants are a pretty popular fad because of how quickly they help lose weight. However, after a short period weight loss becomes stagnant due to your body naturally adjusting to the loss of intake, your body does this by going into starvation mode, with much the same results as listed above. Even worse, your body begins to conserve fat under the assumption that it will not be fed causing you to gain more weight.

Remember, weight loss is a personal journey and fat does not define you as an individual. Health should always be your top priority.

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